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At Mkomazi carnivore project, our esteemed team is dedicated to continuing and expanding our mission. Get to know the people who lead Mkomazi carnivore project. Our team is an unbelievable source of information and we are ready to speak with you regarding our events, activities and the ways you can help our cause. Get in touch today and speak with any one of our team members.

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Deo Tarimo

Founder & Director

I have six years experience working with carnivores in Northern Tanzania and  received Bachelor Degree in Wildlife Tourism at the College of African Wildlife Management Mweka, Tanzania in 2015. I also received  Postgraduate Certificate in Ecological Survey Techniques at the University of Oxford and very recently Durrell Endangered Species Management Graduate Certificate at Durrell Conservation Academy, Jersey, UK. Soon after finishing my bachelor degree, in August 2015, I started to work as a project manager and field research assistant at the Tarangire Lion Project, which aims to conduct research on the lion ecology, demography and behaviour. In June 2017, I started to work at the Research on the Ecology of Carnivore and their Prey (RECaP) Laboratory as a community wildlife liaison on the livestock initiative. Within the RECaP Laboratory, I am a part of large group of ecologist aiming to develop sustainable solutions to the human carnivore conflicts in worldwide.
Throughout these projects, I have participated on lion monitoring studies in the study area and have been involved in data collection related to lion demography, sightings, and mortality. I also gained experience with carnivores-human conflict, collecting data on livestock predation and promoting activities for education and awareness, such as the construction of predator proof bomas. More specifically, my role as project manager and field research assistant involve, among others: 1) data collection, analysis and database management; 2) implement activities on human carnivore conflict mitigation; 3) planning community meetings and organising field research logistics; 4) reporting field updates; 5) keep a positive and professional relationship with different stakeholders, ensuring good public relations; 6) supervise the research camp; and 7) other administrative tasks, such as project budgeting, field equipment maintenance and managing human resources related to the field research camp.

Our ultimate goal is to implement a Carnivore research project at Mkomazi National Park, which still lacks research on carnivore ecology, behaviour, and demography. Through a long-term monitoring, I want to investigate the population trends and the threats related to human-carnivore conflicts.

Nancy Felix

Chief Operation Officer

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Wildlife Management from the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka. She has four year experience working with big cats in Northern Tanzania . Starting in September 2016, Nancy has been working with Dr. Bernard Kissui of the Tarangire Lion Project assisting in lion-tracking within the Maasai Steppe. Within this capacity she also conducts data entry and analysis, teaches local school children about carnivore ecology via established education programs, and creates reports about lion depredation events that have occurred in the village communities.
Within RECaP, Nancy is working to increase more relevant skills pertaining to carnivore ecology so as to broaden her impact on science and people. She is also liaising with the community to assist in combating human-wildlife conflict. 
Currently she is a master student at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology

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